Use Movavi Photo Editor for blemish-free beautiful photos


Are you worried about the wrinkles and pimples on your otherwise beautiful photos? Well, you might wish to upload the pictures on your social network profile and you want nothing less than perfect shots. Don’t fret as you have the picture editing software solutions today that can duly serve as blemish remover for photo. If you are looking for the best suggestions on the most credible picture editing program, Movavi Photo Editor would be an excellent option for you. The post here is a brief on how to use the Movavi program to remove skin imperfections from your shots.

Download & add image

Download the Movavi picture editor into your system and install it as per the installation instructions. There are separate software versions for Mac and Windows versions. Once you have installed the software, it’s time to add on the imperfect shots to the program. You can drag & drop the photo or choose through “Browse File”.

Mark & erase blemishes

Choose “Brush” & mark on the spots that you are looking to remove from the photo. Highlight the area in green for optimum results. The user can go for Magic Wand or Lasso tools here to select blemishes. Take to “Erase selection” in case you’ve mistakenly highlighted excess area. Click on “Start Erasing” and the Movavi software would work to remove the skin blemishes.

Use clone tool

If you are looking for seamless removal on your shots, use Clone Stamp feature of the Movavi program. Automatic removal might not be sufficient for the complicated backgrounds & hence you will need manual touch. The Movavi program enables you to copy a part of your photo & paste it on the imperfect spot for a smooth perfect effect. Pick Clone tool & left-click on the area to be copied (with hold on Alt key) & simply paint on the blemish.

Save the picture

As the retouch gets done, you can either save changes in the existent picture through “Save” option or else save the altered picture as a new photo file through “Save As”.

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