Ultrasound Technology’s Usefulness Goes Far Beyond Pregnancy

Most of us have heard of ultrasounds (also called a sonogram) and their use in pregnancy. It is always an exciting day when couples bring home the first images of their unborn child. Ultrasounds are used, however, in a wide variety of situations and to diagnose a plethora of conditions and injuries. Diagnostic ultrasound services have become standard in a lot of cases and available in more and more clinics and physicians’ offices.

Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to develop an image of structures inside the body, this is what makes it so useful when looking at unborn children. Because it does not use any kind of radiation, it is safer to use than doing traditional x-rays and can show more soft tissue. The sound waves bounce off of the structures they encounter to make the images.

This diagnostic test can be used for a number of reasons and on many parts of the body. Some common areas are the head and neck, abdomen, pelvis and breasts. If a physician suspects a patient has a problem such as gallstones or deep vein thrombosis, an ultrasound can be a valuable tool to either discover these conditions or rule them out. This painless and non-invasive test has a wide variety of uses.

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