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Being born with a disability or having it creep up at any point in life is something no one deserves. The thought of becoming a person that needs help from another begins to take a toll after a while. Also, having to limit what you can and can not participate is emotionally draining.

With the help of bright minds advancing technology at such a rapid rate, the stress of not feeling “normal” is becoming less and less. Traditional hearing aids are very visible, however, now invisible hearing aids allow patients to enjoy hearing and enjoy life. Instead of being stuck with a generic version that everyone has, hearing aids are implanted depending on someone’s preferences. Medical professionals have figured out ways to upgrade hearing aid materials, surgery procedures, all while maintaining similar financial investments.

BTE (behind the ear) is a little bit more discreet than the traditional hearing aids. The receiver is much smaller, and fits comfortably behind the ears. While it is still visible, not many people are able to notice it. CIC (completely in canal) and IIC (invisible in canal) are the testaments to how medical advancement is progressing. Both of those options are even more discrete than the BTE.

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