How to Treat Sleep Apnea

Countless people all over the world suffer from sleep apnea. This condition prevents these individuals from getting a good night’s sleep and, therefore, leads to a number of problems throughout the day. Luckily, many professionals offer sleep apnea treatment for people who are struggling with this condition to help them retake control of their lives.

Get an Evaluation

Before anything else, you’ll need to get evaluated to see if you actually have sleep apnea. Your diagnosis will include a sleep study using a polysomnogram, which is a device that monitors your breathing and brain activity while you sleep.

Make Sure You’re Covered

Prior to going ahead with any of this treatment, make sure that your medical insurance covers you. If you aren’t covered, you can still speak with your doctor about a customized, affordable plan to meet your need.

Schedule Your Treatment

Treatment in conducted over a few different steps. Your first visit is used to assess the health of your mouth and teeth. Things like x-rays and measurements are used to construct an oral device to help with the issue. Then, the device is built and you will wear it while you sleep. Finally, a follow up appointment is conducted to see how the treatment is working.

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