How to Convince a Loved One with Addiction to Seek Treatment

Addiction to alcohol, drugs or medication impacts the lives of everyone who cares about the person struggling with substance abuse. However, it’s easy to feel helpless in the face of something that’s beyond your control. Even so, there are steps you can take to convince your loved one to get treatment.

Stage an Intervention

Speak with representatives from a substance abuse treatment center in Lynnwood for assistance in staging an intervention. The first reaction most people with addiction have when confronted is denial and defensiveness. It’s not as simple as a group of friends and family gathering to tell the person there’s an issue. You need expert guidance, and a treatment center is happy to offer advice.

Be Persistent

Most addicts aren’t convinced after a single intervention. Be persistent – and consistent – about the situation. Step back and take care of yourself if it gets too overwhelming, but don’t give up. Enlist professionals to assist you in convincing your loved one to tour a treatment facility and sign up for help.

Remind your loved one that outpatient treatment is available, and he can continue to work or attend school – assuming he’s been able to do that while addicted. Plus, she’s not alone. As a family or friend, you’ll be able to attend sessions and support your loved one in her recovery, too.

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