Best Foods for Dealing with Gout

Apparently I have started to develop gout which is rather unfortunate, and kind of scary as well. I have seen some pretty bad cases of it in my life, and I really hope and pray that mine never gets that severe. In order to try to make sure that doesn’t happen, I have started to look on to get some information about different foods that promote gout, and also different foods that are good at preventing it. I need to change my diet obviously, because a lot of gout cases are caused by diet directly, and even in those where diet is not the reason it has developed, a change in diet can often slow or stop the progression of gout.

One of the things I want to know is if alcohol is bad for gout, and if it makes it develop faster. I hope not, because I do enjoy a good drink, but I guess I will have to give it up if it is not good for gout. One of the things I like most about drinking is trying different craft beers and things like that. I think that there are a wonderful assortment of different beers out there in the world these days and so it would be pretty upsetting if I had to give all of that up.

But if it means slowing the progression of my gout, then I will have to do it. Gout is not the type of thing that you play around with, and I know that clearly. It is a very serious problem, in that it can really cripple you and make it hard to do even basic tasks in your life. I don’t want to end up like that, so I am going to do everything that I can do to positively change my diet.

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